Catching moles humanely and discreetly has never been easier. We use traditional trapping methods to ensure we efficiently remove moles. Traditional trapping methods are tried and tested over the years and are always successful as opposed to other (Some strange!) trapping methods. We have many years of experience catching moles so let us take care of your pest problem for you. We mainly use gassing techniques as this is a quicker way than trapping.


Especially in the warmer months of the year, wasps can cause a real problem to both domestic and commercial properties. If the wasps are in larger numbers, they can also sometimes cause damage to your property as well as being a general nuisance and a danger to the health and safety of people in close proximity to the nest. We can assist with removing wasps from your property, in any location and at any height. Don’t try and tackle the problem yourself - always call the experts.

Rats & Mice

Rats and mice are the most common pest in both domestic and commercial properties. Over many many years, rats and mice have become very well adapted to living in close proximity with humans and they thrive on man made conditions. Much like any pest, if left alone, rats and mice can cause extensive damage to your property (usually as a result of gnawing) and also by the risk they pose with eating and contaminating your food. Rats and mice usually carry a number of diseases that can not only pose a risk to humans, but also to your pets too. If you notice activity in your home, get in touch with us immediately and we will discreetly deal with the problem quickly and efficiently.


We can deal with all insect problems, whatever they may be. We cover a wide array of different insect problems including bed bugs, ant infestations, bees, wasps, flies, cockroaches and more. With our wide array of experience in pest control, you can be sure that we have dealt with the most complex of insect problems and have dealt with them without issue. Please contact us directly to discuss your issues.

Bed Bugs

Make no mistake - bed bugs are probably the most difficult pest to tackle. Bed bugs are known to survive up to a year without feeding at all - so you know these pests are a hardy bunch. As soon as you notice bed bug activity, you need to get in touch with the professionals straight away. Unless you find a company who is equipped to deal with bed bugs, you could find yourself stuck with the problem for a longer time that you wish. We will tackle your bed bugs with a treatment plan - usually consisting of a visit to assess the issue, a second visit to tackle to issue and a third and final visit to ensure the bed bugs have been eradicated. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your issues with us discreetly.


If you are unlucky enough to have discovered cockroaches in your property then you will want to act rapidly, rest assured we can help you. No cockroach extermination job is too complex for us to take a look to. Where appropriate, we will advise on any immediate action required to protect your health and property prior to our visit. We will visit your property to assess how severe the cockroach infestation is and then advise on the best possible action. Cockroaches carry nasty diseases and have the potential to cause a great deal of distress to you - so act fast and let the professionals get to work to eradicate these pest for you.


Although birds are attractive and pleasant animals, they can also create problems to you and your property when they’re not controlled. Bird droppings are very unpleasant as they are usually infested with disease-causing organisms. Droppings are also very unsightly and can, if not dealt with, cause structural damage to buildings. Before the problem gets any worse - let us take a look at it and provide a solution to you. Usually, solutions to bird control are very straightforward and include popular methods such as pin (spike) systems being implemented. This sort of system is very cost effective and easy to install and can be fitted to nearly anything, causing no harm to birds.


Bees (especially honey bees) are very beneficial to our environment and only occasionally does their presence constitute a pest problem. We as a company are reluctant to use pesticides on bees nests unless it is absolutely necessary. Hover, sometimes there will be no alternatives; such as if the bees cause a serious health risk. Swarming bees could also cause a serious health risk if they are present in large numbers. The best thing to do when coming in contact with a bee problem is get in contact with us to discuss the best possible action. Bees will attempt to sting is provoked, so please do not try and tackle the problem yourself to avoid harm to yourself.


Foxes are prevalent everywhere, but cause the most nuisance in the closer proximity of urban areas where they scavenge waste, occasionally attack pets and awaken neighbourhoods shrieking in the middle of the night. Completing all necessary prior onsite assessments and working by pest control laws at all times, we install stoppers in all potential fox runs, removing all obvious thoroughfares. So you can finally have a good nights sleep.

Wasp Nest Treatment

Our wasp nest treatment, like our removal, will eradicate any wasps stemming from the nest in question, so you need not worry about a potential sting when you're out enjoying the sun. Some nests can be in extremely hard to reach places, of course these can be removed upon your request, but they often dissipate over time making it largely unnecessary. Our effective treatments will rid you of your wasp problem for good, ensuring that the nest is never fit for re-use.


Wasps £50 per nest 

Bed bugs from £150 

Insect from £80 

Cockroaches from £100 

Rats from £150 for 4 visits 

Moles from £100 

Birds please ring for quote